Education course framed for individuals who are interested in enhancing their professional value in the field of education. Whether applicant goal is to choose career goals as the professor, researcher, consultant, supervisor administrator or other education-related professional? This program will help to boost astounding knowledge and skills. Moreover, to achieve this goal, this program offers students with have a strong in interdisciplinary theory, research methods, and other related applications. Graduate students can take master’s level in education to understand the importance of education. After completing the course, the primary goal of the Ph.D. course to study further in the research areas that mainly focused on the various education needs like language, literature, linguistic and cultural groups. In addition, this helps to outlook many topics.

The following table 1 Master level in Education course core and elective modules includes



  • Practice-Based Inquiry
  • Dissertation

  • Communication and Literacy
  • Debating Special and Inclusive Education
  • Education: Changing classroom:( policy, research, and practice)
  • Educational leadership and management
  • Effective leadership and change in education
  • International education
  • Introduction to the Learning Sciences
  • Issues in educational leadership
  • Learning and teaching
  • Learning, Technology, and Education
  • Relationships and Behavior
  • Researching Special and Inclusive Education
  • Society, schools, and mental well-being
  • The Social Contexts of Educational Technology

Research areas:

  • Applied Linguistics and TESOL
  • Disability, Inclusion and Special Needs
  • Education and Social Justice
  • Educational Leadership, Learning, and Change
  • Engagement and Vulnerability in Education
  • Language Teaching, Learning, and Use
  • Participatory methods to Innovation and Restructuring in Education
  • Innovation in Mathematics and Science Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Testing, Assessment, and Measurement Research

Scholars are needed to complete a dissertation and thesis writing for education course to get success and achieve high credits for completing the degree. It stated that assignment, assignment, dissertation writing as important to get score 90% in Ph.D. and 70% in master level. The successful completion of the doctoral and master’s degree based on the research areas, methodology, dissertation and thesis submission. Presently, Master’s degree & Ph.D. degree international students face many confronting in finishing their degree

Credits may differ from one varsity to another, but course modules and dissertation marks play a vital role in finishing Ph.D. and Master degree in education course. However, at the time researcher faces countless challenges while undertaking manuscript preparation and research writing for the trending topics related to this sector critical indeed. During the academic year, most of the students are finding the complex part in enhancing dissertation such as developing a perfect thesis statement, relevant literature & data, identifying statistical analysis as well as inadequate planning & time management in finishing dissertation submission. Certainly, this challenge clearly indicates that clearing the course as vital as scoring in 50% dissertation, coursework, thesis, assignments and statistical analysis to get more credits marks in order to complete research work.