Physiology & Sports Science

Get ready today to meet the demand for skilled, qualified and certified sports consultants and sports psychologists by taking the Physiology & Sports Science. After graduation meets Master of Science in Physiology & sports sciences who wish to improve modern sports related careers through advanced training. Graduates students who allow in entering master’s program especially related areas including Sports administrations/Sports Management, Recreation, Business management, physical education, psychology, health science and athletic training.

The primary goal of the Masters of Science in Physiology & Sports Science is

  • To enhance a strong research foundation Physiology & Sports Science
  • To provide academic and practical training & theoretical skills for those interested in a career as a sports consultant or scientist.
  • The course has two compulsory modules that separated into three sections: research methods, integrated body system and dissertation ( topics related to Physiology & Sports Science). The remaining taught modules of the coursework will be presented in the form of optional modules in this discipline. It allowing students to shape of the course to their particular interest

    Table.1 outlines Master Science in Physiology & Sports Science



    • Research methods
    • Integrated body systems
    • Dissertation (for Exercise and Sports Sciences)

    • Psychology of physical activity
    • Nutrition and metabolism
    • Neuromuscular adaptations to training
    • Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology

    You can choose desired dissertation topics to complete Masters, after that progress research with the advance level. Hence, see below the Triangle figure: sort out the research areas in PhDs include

    Fig.1 Ph.D. in Physiology & Sports Science outline the interest of the research areas including

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