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How to write a Journal for Publication or Research paper | PhD Assistance

Journal Manuscript Writing

Learn How to write a manuscript for peer-reviewed or scholarly journal. Whether you wanted to conduct PhD Research or Professors wanted to teach their students on practical Research methodology or wanted to familiar on various methodologies and tools or Freelancer wanted to write on research methodology? Or running a clinical trial wanted to learn how to write a manuscript from the patient data that you collect. Then Leverage the power of journal manuscript writing from PhD Assistance, a real-time expert working in various institutions across the world.

  • Experts in manuscript writing – Real time experts led training
  • Comprehensive International Curriculum, with case studies, Peer reviewed journals as a reference case for your methodology
  • Instalment Options


Ph.D. assistance, a team of experts, has a strong foundation and experience in handling the research and analysis work across the globe. Given that our team has handled Ph.D. /doctorate /DBA students from the USA, Australia, UK and other international top universities, the ultimate goal is to simply transfer our knowledge, experience, skills and learnings to students. We have a network of doctorate and research guides who would assist in the completion of Ph.D. /doctorate /DBA and its related services. Our team comprises of experienced professors, young and dynamic researchers, relevant subject matter expertise, industry professionals who provide continuous support to understand the real world situation, research methodologists, data collection team (both online and offline), statistician team (including econometrician, biostatistician), developers, copy editors (including manuscript editors) and proofreaders (manuscript proofreaders/thesis proofreaders), and formatting and referencing team (including APA, MLA, Chicago).

Learning Outcome

The major objective of this certification course is to

  • Make you more confident in your writing.
  • Broaden your viewpoints about various topics
  • Help you overcome your writing blocks
  • Make you enjoy writing without fear of criticism
  • Help you make rapid progress in writing
  • Render you to spend considerable time on self-reflection
  • Improve your formal essay writing skills
  • Help you gain improvement in your reflective thinking skills

Our course is designed to increase your writing output, allow you to consider different ideas and make your own critical examination of those ideas

Who Can Attend

  • Ph.D. Research Scholars
  • Freelance Academic Writers
  • Research Institutions
  • Professors and Lecturers
  • Corporate – Marketing Division


Writing for a Journal (Low Impact to High Impact factor)

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Time & Day

Basic Introduction

Why Publishing your results are important? – Basic Introduction

Reviewing all journals with low to high IF

Day 1

Selection of Journal

Why? When? Where to Publish your research?

Lecture and Interactive session

Day 1

How to Write Brief Intro and Review

What and Why to focus?

Lecture + case study

Day 2

What to focus in the methodology

Presentation of Research methods

Lecture + case study

Day 2

How to analyse and present tables and Figures

Analysis and Presentation

Lecture + case study

Day 2

Writing a Results

How to present your results and discussion (critical review)

Lecture + case study

Day 3

Writing a discussion

How to present your results and discussion (critical review)

Lecture + case study

Day 3

Referencing System and Proof reading

What? Why? When? – Importance

Lecture + case study

Day 3

Critical Review

Internal and External review

Lecture + case study

Day 4


Pre-submission work


Day 4

Answering a reviewer’s questions

How to handle reviewer’s comments


Day 4

Publication advantage*


Day 4

Day 4: Real time workouts – One on one sessions (practical exposure) Presentation of Power point study using the case study provided on the same day All the lectures will be interactive


Our team of faculty comprises of research scholars and Doctoral hands in fields of Research Studies, Language, and Literature, Education, Pedagogy, Statistics, etc. who have been in the profession of guiding scholars with courses on research methodology and its importance for more than a decade now. They’ve produced successful research scholars and budding fellow teachers who passed on their knowledge of research methodology, through the years.

Fees Structure

Offline Classes Only


Course Fee Individual*

Institutes (15+)


Number of classes

Course Materials

Writing to a Journal

16,000 INR

13,500 INR

14,500 INR

4 classes /20 hoursβ

CD + Materials

**Service Tax 10.3% applicable


Days: Saturday or Sunday
*10.00am -12.00pm and 2.00pm-3.00pm
β9.00am-1.00pm and 2.00pm-3.00pm
ψ10.00am-1.00pm and 2.00pm-5.00pm


Tests will be conducted at the end of each aspect that is covered. On successful completion of all the tests with a satisfactory percentage, Ph.D. Assistance will issue a certificate of completion. There are several attempts that every candidate can take to complete the module tests, failing which the certificates will not be awarded. The candidates are free to choose certificates pertaining to their domain of interest, be it scientific research, experimental research, artistic research, historical research, etc.

Internship & Freelance Job Opportunity

At Ph.D. Assistance, we offer internship and freelance job opportunities to students across the globe. The internship is offered to students who had completed their course successfully. Through an internship, you will get an opportunity to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge and thereby aspire in the path of growth. We have both paid, and unpaid internship and choice depend on your skills and commitment. If you have a keen interest in research methodology courses and looking forward to gaining career experience in the industry, Ph.D. Assistance is the ultimate destination.