Problems and Strategies in Learning to Write a Thesis Proposal


  • PhD Dissertation Research Proposal writing is the formal way of writing specific context that makes the writing informal.
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  • In the dissertation Research Proposal, some words and phrases reveal your own bias. So, experts help will guide to express your content appropriately in individual sections of the dissertation.


Research Proposal for PhD is a critical and challenging task which require in-depth knowledge of the subject. Students face many challenges at the early stage of writing till the end here are some tips to overcome the challenges. The difficulties students face is difficulty in deciding the topic, lack of adequate knowledge in methodology, inability to find current trends, lack of subject understanding, lack of research guiding.

There are various academic problem students face the most common is writing the research proposal. The PhD Doctoral Dissertation Proposal is a specific piece of writing, which is proposed by researchers who have some scientific project ideas but lack the funding. So, the purpose of writing is they want to find the investor to clarify the idea and get the fund. The primary purpose is to convince potential investors that the project is profitable and realistic.

Failed to convince the funder

The severe mistake all the research proposal face is not meeting the main objective. New researchers usually failed to convince their funder that their project is worth a try. It happens because of their explanation and examples are vague. Their writing lacks evidence to prove their work is worth trying. To convince the funder students should state,

  • What is the work is about clearly?
  • Convincing them by showing your skills in writing to prove them you’re the right one to do the work
  • Why the idea is worthy

Failing the instructions

When it comes to research, it is mandatory to follow the official demands of the fund provider or the formal format of writing. The major reason for the rejection of the proposal is most of the students ignore the key instructions needs to follow while writing or presenting the piece of work. That leads to the submission of the unstructured paper to the fund provider with no clear explanation leads to rejection. Writing a Dissertation Proposal help will offer you service after complete the reading of the funder requirement and provide a valuable service based on the requirement.

Lack of clarity leads to weak recommendations

Most of the readers feel it challenging to read and understand the sentence delivered in the research writing. Due to lack of knowledge in writing, new researchers deliver their content in a lengthy paragraph that includes too many sentences. It is mandatory to support your project with a useful literature review that is relevant to the study. Usually, funders don’t trust a project that lacks proper support. Due to lack of knowledge in writing students fail to offer credible information sources and some scientific proofs. PhD Research Proposal Assistance helps you to find a reliable source of content and provide good quality writing that impress the funder.

Budget issues

Most of the students failed to provide a detailed explanation of why items are essential concerning the aims and process of the project that meets project goals. Every scientific, research project should include all the necessary expenses to launch the project. However, it is also mandatory to provide all the prediction of some unexpected expenses. If you don’t mention, these data’s nobody will trust you. The main things that should be included to build trust are to frame a simple budget for your research project that includes,

  • List of your activities that you plan to do in the project
  • Check the funding rules and prepare a proper plan that impresses the funder
  • Provide a cost for each item
  • The key to accepting the proposal is to justify all the cost allowance

Poor planning

Poor planning or lack of details such as information about the budget, Deadlines, Materials, Partnership, Suppliers, Licences, Marketing plan, these are the information that provides an intense basement for the planning. Most of the students think it as unwanted data and omit or only provide some information with these items. Every Research proposal offers a plan that includes all the necessary aspects for the launching of the project. Therefore students must ensure the inclusion of the materials, and product used in the process. If you don’t name the supplementary materials potential investor may think your proposal isn’t credible.

Sloppy presentation

Funder expects clear and pursuable presentation that interest the reviewer. So, do not let them down. If your research lacks self-confident or do not offers any necessary information, it spotted during the presentation and rejected.  The sloppy presentation will lead to proving that you don’t have the skills or ability to carry out the research work. No.1 PhD Dissertation Research Proposal service includes the necessary information that provides a good standard for your research proposal.

Grammar errors

Errors usually occur while writing a research paper. But no one like to read the piece of writing with multiple errors. It will immediately make a feel that project is unworthy of funding. Your writing should be academic, and formal Quality Research Proposal Writing Service help you to give heed to the grammatical aspects that increase the quality of writing. Most of the new researchers commit this mistake by delivery poor sentence, misspell the words and problem with punctuation; these are the key things that reject the article. Best PhD Proposal Writing Service obligatorily verifies your grammar to ensure they don’t allow any errors.

Inappropriate vocabulary

Most of the words and phrases that are acceptable in conversation or informal way of writing are considered inappropriate in formal writing. Students should avoid the expression that is informal vague and those that are unnecessary or incorrect. Definitely language in academic writing means a lot that is equally important with the ideas. They misuse slang, professional terms include, jargon should evade in the content. It would help if you gave heed to the stylistics and formatting of your text.


Provide reliable information that reflects the formal tone of writing and do not provide a personal experience that may seem less formal way to deliver your content. NO.1 Research Proposal Writing Services offers a service to write a research proposal and help throughout the funding process.


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