Tips on How to Check the Validity of an Empirical Study, and Develop a Methodology and Results Section

All scientific research is empirical; that is, they test hypothesis via experiments, observation, and experience. The observational testing of a theory can be direct or otherwise. 

The empirical research involves measuring an observable phenomenon wherever possible. The knowledge is gained only from actual observation and measurement of an experience of a theory or belief, rather than anecdotal accounts or mass following.

In order to check the empiricism of a study, you have to check the validity of its methodology. The methodology chapter is a part of all PhD dissertation papers, and it contains information to enable the replication of the study in any laboratory setting. If similar results can be achieved, the methodology used for the study is scientifically sound, and the research itself is empirical.

Tips to Develop a Methodology and Results Section for Empirical Research

Here are some points to keep in mind while writing a methodology and results section for empirical research:

The methodology chapter must include the design of your study and provide proper justification for the methods used. The information presented must be intelligible enough to be replicated wholly or in parts by any researcher elsewhere. 

Be specific in your statements in the methodology and the results sections of your empirical research. Include an outline of the purpose of using particular methods when concluding your methodology section.

You have to understand that opinions and paraphrased statements are only considered as conclusive evidence as long they are empirical. In other words, all your evidence must be based on a scientific and systematic investigation.

Mention the limitations of your methods in the methodology section;

this will let readers understand the process better.

State all the observations that were ignored during the data collection phase, when providing an account of the procedures involved in the study. Similarly, give an account of observations ignored during the data analysis procedure in the results section. Provide justifications as to why the said data were ignored and how it doesn’t affect the research.

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