Mention some of the major importance of statistical review of manuscripts?

In Brief

  • Dissertations Statistics Review Help avoid significant mistakes, which can be done in data analysis, data interpretation, and the result discussion section.
  • Some journal sends all their Manuscript for Statistical Review, so it is will automatically increase the scope of the project.
  • The statistical review will increase your manuscript’s chances to get published in a recognized journal since it helps in checking the originality of the research.

PA – Mention some of the major importance of statistical


The statistical review identifies the significant error in a research paper, leading to the rejection of research work. So the author must review the statistical data before presenting. Statistical problems are mostly found in the data interpretation, analysis, and design section. Statistics is a field where we can learn from data. Statistical awareness aids you to use the suitable procedures to gather the data, employ the proper analyses, and efficiently present the results. It helps in decision making (based on data), understanding the subject, and to predict the outcome. Dissertation Statistics Review Help avoid significant mistakes, which can be done in data analysis, data interpretation, and the result discussion section. PhD Manuscript preparation service will help you in all aspects to achieve a quality standard manuscript. It includes a detailed report with feedback for the journal manuscript.

Role of a statistical reviewer

A statistical reviewer provided by a statistician who will be in the form of written reports containing clear and straight forward suggestion. The statistical reviewer suggests changes that need to be carried out in the dissertation. It may be found in the abstract, on the body of content, on tables, on diagrams, and references. The reviewer evaluates the objectives of protocols related to the dissertation were achieved correctly, and the reports as expected. A statistical review comprises procedural and statistical queries that should be addressed by the author. If statistical errors are identified, a statistical reviewer provides suggestions to improve The Manuscript. If any mistake is found in data analysis, data interpretation, and result discussion since such errors cannot be corrected, then significant change has to be made in the manuscript. It will lead the author to reanalyze the data and sometimes lead to creating a new concept of the report. Even a senior and skilful author needs guidelines and a checklist of instructions that must be considered during the statistical review. Reviewer suggestion and classification are generally classified into two categories such as significant error comprise of a substantial error, and minor mistake, which can be a fault, bugs, inadequately described procedures or inadequate reporting. Suggestion to before having statistical review gain appropriate knowledge of statistical methodology before making the final study protocol and use the same checklist, which is used by a Statistical Reviewer while Preparing a Manuscript

What are the things considered during a Statistical Review?

Statistical assessment becomes a significant part of the editorial process. Some journal sends all the Manuscript for Statistical Review. Some of the points every reviewer consider during the statistical review are

  • Whether the hypothesis clearly stated? Are there any lacks highlighted in the introduction part.
  • Methods are described in detail, and will it be possible to produce the result of the study
  • Is there enough information presented by the author, which is sufficient to justify their calculation and conclusion?
  • Are the data presented supports the conclusion in the result section?

Importance of peer-reviewing

Peer review helps in research error identification and also increases the credit for the research. It is a system that is used to report information to other scientists. It will increase the importance, level of validity, and completeness of the manuscript. It feels difficult for the author and researcher to spot every mistake in a piece of work. Showing the result to others increase the probability that weakness will be recognized and labelled. It helps prevent the dissemination of irrelevant findings, unwanted claims, unacceptable interpretation, personal views, and deliberate fraud. PhD Dissertation Peer Reviewing Services help evaluate the research work, and it all increases the scope of work. Things that are considered by the Peer reviewer are

  • Judge the quality and significance of research in a broader context.
  • Evaluate the importance of research and also check whether it will bring advancement in the field of study.
  • Check for scientific error, and is there any references missed or in an incorrect form.
  • Identify typographical and grammatical errors


The statistical review will enhance your manuscript’s chance to get published in a recognized journal since it checks the document’s originality and checks all its importance in a broader context. The statistical review helps identify a significant error in a research paper, which may lead to the rejection of research work. It helps in checking the manuscript’s clarity, whether it contains all methods and sufficient dates to justify the calculation and result. Our PhD. Manuscript Preparation Services will provide Manuscript Statistical Analysis Service, which will increase your manuscript’s scope to get selected in reputed journals.


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