Recent PhD Research Topic Ideas for Computer Science Engineering 2020-II

Exclusive for scholars pursuing their PhD in Computer Science Engineering with base papers (peer-reviewed articles)

Titles References
Depiction of container-based clouds for allocation of resources using GA with dual chromosome.
A Cloud Robotic Network Energy Sensitive Computing Offloading strategy built using Genetic algorithm
A stable strategy for the deployment of containers using GA to protect against Cloud Attacks by Co-Residents
Cloud computing workflow scheduling using memetic algorithms
Partitioning of Computer Equipment using an evolutionary algorithm
Drone Based Cognitive Internet of Things using various hybrid clustering techniques
Multivalued Logic Networks using multi-objective Expert Differential Algorithm
The efficacy of the Firefly Algorithm in Nonlinear Systems Adaptive Signal Processing
Many-Objective Scheduling in Flexible Job Shop and Flow Shop were Diversifly Operated using Imperialist Algorithm
Enhancement of Virtual Cellular Manufacturing Systems using Imperialist Algorithm
Development of antenna array using an artificial bee colony method
Development of Large MIMO Systems using Tabu Search

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