Dissertation Algorithm Development Tips For Developing Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO) Where And How It Is Able To Solve Complicated Optimization Problems?

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• You will find the best dissertation research areas / topics for future researchers enrolled in Engineering and technology
• In order to identify the future research topics, we have reviewed the Engineering literature (recent peer-reviewed studies) on the AI in optimization problems
• Nature Inspired Meta-Heuristic Optimization Algorithm is the recent trend in Artificial Intelligence.
Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO) is one of Nature Inspired Swam Search-Based Optimization Algorithm
• Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO) is also based on the new swam optimisation meta-heuristic search method.
• Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO is used to solve complicated optimisation problems in electrical engineering and medical science

In nature, all living organisms such as insects, animals, humans and so on have different habits and behaviours. Based on organism habit and living behaviours, various nature-inspired algorithms have been proposed. Elephant herding optimisation algorithm (EHO) is one of nature’s inspired and swarm-based metaheuristic search techniques. The Elephant Herding Optimization algorithm derives from the modelling of actual elephant herding behaviours in nature. Elephant Herding Optimization algorithm is used to find optimal solution for the complex problems in biomedical signal processing and control system.

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The Elephant Herding Behaviour

The Elephants are the largest existing terrestrial mammals. The elephant lives in social groups in nature. The female elephant is the matriarch of the group. The structure of these groups often consists of several clans, and each clan lives under the leadership of a female elephant (matriarch). Whereas, each clan has fixed number of male elephant and female elephant. Moreover, male adult elephants always wish to live independently and they will depart from the clans when they grow up.

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Figure 1 Elephant Optimization

Source Adopted From Sambariya and Fagana, (2017)

Elephant Herding Optimization Algorithm

The Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO) approach was inspired by the group’s herding behaviour of elephants (Wang, Deb, & Coelho, 2015). Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO) algorithm is a new type of swarm-based metaheuristic search method, is implemented to solve optimization problems. Based on two scenarios the Elephant Herding Optimization Algorithm has been designed. 1. The Matriarch, the female elephant, leads the group that has different elephant clans. The matriarch is the oldest female elephant in each elephant family. The matriarch is considered the most suitable elephant in the family to model and solve optimization issues.  2. The second scenario is, Once the male elephant becomes adults, it leaves the group. On the basis of these two elephant behaviours, two subsequent operators have evolved using an EHO algorithm, such as the clan updating operator and the separating operator.

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1.Clan updating operators

Elephants from different clans live together under the leadership of a matriarch. There are a fixed number of elephants in each clan. We presume that each clan is made up of an equivalent, unchangeable number of elephants for modelling purposes. The elephant’s positions in a clan were changed on the basis of their matriarch relationship. Clan Updating operator is used for this behaviour in EHO algorithm

2.Separating operator

A male elephant leaves the family group and lives separately once it has become mature. Let’s presume that during each new generation, adult male elephant will be separated from the clan group. Therefore, In the EHO model algorithm, the updating process is a separating operator.

The elephant herding optimization algorithm is represented in fig 2

Figure 2 Seperation Operator

Source Adopted From Jafari, Salajegheh, and Salajegheh,(2019)

Elephant Herding Behaviour VS Elephant Herding Optimization Algorithm

The comparison table for the Elephant Herding Behaviour and Elephant Herding Optimization Algorithm are given in details in table 1.

Table 1 Elephant Herding Behaviour VS Elephant Herding Optimization Algorithm

Figure 3 Elephant Herding Behaviour VS Elephant Herding Optimization Algorithm


Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO) Algorithm is one of the nature-inspired metaheuristic optimization algorithms. EHO is based on the social herding behavior of the elephants and swam search techniques. Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO) Algorithm is used to solve large scale optimization problem in biomedical signal processing and control system.

Future scope

  1. Can be used to solve large scale optimization problem (Li, Guo, Li, & Liu, 2019)
  2. Can be used in the prediction model in cooling load (residential building) (Moayedi, Mu’azu, & Foong, 2019)
  3. ;Can be used in the detection of Seizure in EGG signal(Jebakumari, Saravanan, & Devaraj, 2019)
  4. Can be used to diagnosis of severe Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Sahlol, Ismail, Abdeldaim, & Hassanien, 2017)
  5. Can be used in grid connection and micro-grid connections(Parashar, Swarnkar, Niazi, & Gupta, 2017)

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