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Why Ph.D. Assistance for Ph.D. Dissertation / Thesis Support /guidance Services?

It is hard to find a team who are among the best in the industry regarding their qualification, in-depth knowledge, and experience in their specialized field of expertise. Ph.D. Assistance is fortunate to have a dedicated team of writers who knows nothing other than giving their best in assisting your research project work. Our Ph.D. Writers has the capability and research experience to distil your arguments, brainstorm ideas, organize them into the structure, then work through the ideas one at a time. We hire only the writers who successfully completed their Ph.D. Degree with a minimum of two years’ experience in conducting and writing a research manuscript. We hand pick our experts who have rich experience with an academic degree from the top US, the UK, and the Indian Universities.

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Why do you need to choose Ph.D. Assistance for your Research Project services?

We have vast experience and comprehensive understanding regarding the various steps involved in the Research project preparation process from the initial pre-planning process to the final submission of the project work. While it is relatively easy to complete academic writing projects on your own, writing a research thesis or dissertation requires a broad knowledge of the work, best expertise, guidance and relevant resources to complete the project on time. The expertise and vast experience that we have accumulated over the years help us to understand the basic objectives of your research project, your intended research findings and thus provide a highly customized dissertation service suiting your specialized needs.

Come, join us and become a part of the fast-growing community of Ph.D. Research Scholars

We understand what a Ph.D. award means for every aspiring researcher.

Ph.D. Research projects require every student to possess

  • Complete understanding of the subject
  • Meticulous planning, organizing and implementation
  • In-depth knowledge of the research design and methodology adopted.
  • Complete data compilation and presentation of the project work
  • Excellent theoretical, analytical, inferential, writing, and presentation skills
  • Problem-solving and Decision-making skills

  • Assistance & guidance for Ph.D. Tutoring and Rewriting Services – Original, elegant and the arguments nuanced and sophisticated establishing an academic tone

    A One Stop Solution for all your Research Related Writing Needs

    Writing a Ph.D. Dissertation can seem overwhelming

    Dissertation or Thesis are used interchangeably today; the American Institutions at large prefer the word ‘dissertation’ while European Institutions are accustomed to the word “thesis.” In North America, the word “dissertation” is primarily used for Ph.D. work of a student while the thesis is preferred for Master’s degree. The thesis or dissertation normally refers to the culmination of a student’ research as a final requirement for the degree sought (Fitt et al. 2009). Although thesis refers to Master’s dissertation, since in general researchers call Ph.D. as thesis, we use the word thesis for Ph.D. dissertation.

    A Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D. or DPhil) is one of the highest academic degrees. Ph.D. appear to represent unique configurations. and doing a Ph.D. is oriented around research, believed in creating new knowledge by conducting independent research in his or her chosen area. Advance a provocative thesis that speaks to large controversies by refuting and refining an argument, reveal a gap, fill a gap, ask a new question or refine an older question. To conduct research in an area, Ph.D. researchers require deep knowledge in that area, and related areas, and the working experience on research problem (problems whose outcome are not known). In other words, to gain the awards, a student is typically required to make a substantial original contribution to knowledge, evidenced through a thesis that is examined by academic peers. Hence to develop such compatibility among researchers, usually Ph.D. programs have three components in them.

  • Coursework to provide the breadth of knowledge
  • Some methods to develop the depth of knowledge.
  • Thesis that provide the experience of working on research problems.
  • Our End-to-End Assistance

    Since Ph.D. research work required original research that contributes new information to the field of study, the writing of theses and dissertations has not been an easy task for most the students. Ph.D. Assistance guide you for complete Ph.D. doctorate thesis including training for submitting your Ph.D. research proposal, guiding for writing Ph.D. coursework, helping you to attend seminars and conferences through our network sites, training for statistical analysis help, research proposal, writing Ph.D.-level review using our Rubric format specially prepared by our expertise from Ph.D. Assistance Team. Assistance also provided in research methodology training including sampling design, sample size, research design and validity issues of your tools, etc. We will also help you to collect original data. You can also learn statistics from your own data, and interpretation. Synopsis and preparation for your viva voice also done through Ph.D. Assistance India team

    Engaging expertise who have studied the topic would enhance your research - A Trusted Ph.D. Dissertation Support

    We understand that Ph.D. dissertation cannot be written all in one day, or a linear process, rather we strive for writing in paragraphs and pages by carefully organizing your ideas. Writing is thinking in fact, during the process of writing itself, we might come up with best ideas. Our team heads have more than 15 years of rich research experience especially in the designing quantitative and qualitative study, questionnaire, research design, and statistical analysis. We have state of the art infrastructure especially our exclusive library facility has a wide range of books and journals to support scholars and staffs as well as the classroom facility to provide tutoring and conduct programs. We provide end-to-end services from Ph.D. admission to Job placement. To know more about our services, contact exclusive coordinators from Help Desk.

    How We Plan Your Research?

    Our comprehensive service will allow you to meticulously plan the research project, prioritize the important activities and develop the writing process to achieve a professional-standard research work that comprises of 100% original contents and devoid of any plagiarism.

    Our Experts

    How We Articulate?

    Ph.D. Assistance has established a well-designed process and timeline for several Ph.D. thesis or dissertation related writing services. The process is meticulously planned after taking into consideration the numerous tasks and resources involved in the different stages of your research project work. After your wise decision to utilize our expertise and assistance, we will appoint a dedicated mentor who will be an expert from the field of your research interest. On one-on-One discussion with you, the assigned mentor and his team will understand the important specifics of your ideas, objectives, priorities, desired methodologies, time frame and intended findings of the project.

    Our expert team will make complete presentation about how to

  • develop your research ideas,
  • narrate your research objectives
  • Formulate a suitable research design,
  • Collect necessary data, prepare relevant questionnaires, undertake surveys
  • Make appropriate use of statistical data collection methodologies and analytical tools
  • Allocate appropriate time for various research stages
  • Make optimum utilization of available resources
  • Effectively compile, analyze, make suitable inferences from the research data collected
  • Arrive at appropriate sample size, suitable data collection methods
  • Make meaningful analysis of data and record findings
  • Compile project findings, conclusions and efficient presentation

  • We aim at building dissertation service standards for others to follow.

    What areas Ph.D. Assistance will cover?

    We are fully aware that every Ph.D. student will face mounting challenges in the following areas of a research work

  • Writing a suitable proposal
  • Narration of Research objectives
  • Planning and Research planning process
  • Developing an appropriate Research design
  • Identification and implementation of proper, appropriate Research methodology
  • Handling statistical tools, methods, and techniques
  • Preparing suitable Research questionnaires, survey and focus groups
  • Identification of adequate sample size
  • Primary data collection for your research project
  • Identification and proper utilization of the relevant secondary data
  • Developing and writing meaningful, coherent research contents
  • Developing an effective research strategy
  • Paucity of valuable resources
  • Effective utilization of resources
  • Data collection, analysis, and interpretation
  • Project compilation and presentation
  • Understanding Relevant Findings and Discussion
  • Preparing Introduction, Preface, Table of Contents, conclusion sections
  • Creating Appendices, Referencing, Literature review, Research paradigm

  • In such a scenario, it is highly imperative and prudent for you to take a professional assistance from the expert team of Ph.D. Assistance.

    Our Exclusive Doctorate of Philosophy Dissertation Mentoring Services A One Stop Solution for all your Research Related Needs

    Our Various Services

    Our Process

    Ph.D. Topic Selection

    Choosing a topic for research in Ph.D. is a complicated task. Because it's the biggest matter of your career in academics rather than anything else. It requires years of investment to accomplish? Hence, after quantifying the pros and cons, select the topic.

    Problem Identification

    At Ph.D. assistance, we enable you to identify both industry and problem in the literature review. Both these would ensure apt problem identification for your Ph.D. thesis. The following are the structure we follow at Ph.D. assistance.

    Research Proposal

    Writing a research proposal for a dissertation is not an easy task to deal with for any student at higher echelons of academics. Therefore, every student understands its difficulty and seeks assistance as per their requirement.

    Ph.D. Dissertation (Part)

    We not only support for mentoring a full dissertation but also part work. Whether you are looking for only Introduction, or Literature review, methodology, results chapter or discussion, our expertise would assist you.

    Ph.D. Consultation

    We provide consultation support for choosing a guide. We provide the support for following subjects like Behavioural Science, Business Management (All specializations), Education, Health and Health Education, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering Education, etc.,

    Viva Voice

    The Ph.D. viva is a compulsory component of the examination process, usually takes place "behind closed doors, " but there are a few institutions that operate "public" Viva and access are still restricted to certain members.

    Note: All our mentoring & editing, coding & algorithm, software programming & statistics services are provided by our qualified professionals who are progressively working on your dissertations. We hire only reputed professionals who have completed their higher education in the US, UK and Australia, and native language speakers of respective countries. However, in the case of software programming, coding & algorithm service, we hire only registered vendors based on their exclusive sample work and portfolio.

    Ph.D. Dissertation Service Features – Emphasis on various aspects of the reviewed theses and dissertations.

    Ph.D. Dissertation Service Features – Emphasis on various aspects of the reviewed theses and dissertations

    A Ph.D. Dissertation / Theses Mentoring Service features that helps to get the grade

    Ph.D. Assistance help you to present the theoretical background, statement of the problem, alignment of specific objectives of the study with main objectives, language clarity, presentation of literature review, citation of source of information, indication of knowledge gaps, presentation of research design, description of the geographical area of the study, presentation of data generation procedures and tools, data analysis plan, presentation of findings, analysis and interpretation of the findings, discussion, summary of the study and conclusion and presentation of recommendations.

    Research Design – Qualitative Vs. Quantitative

    Ph.D. Assistance enables you to identify the appropriate research design, including justification for choosing with the support of previous literature, including justifications for choosing the areas, sample size calculation using appropriate formula, the decision of target population. We offer a wide range of dissertation research methodology mentoring services, either being qualitative methods or quantitative research methods or a combination of both or critical and action oriented, our writers are well experienced in handling any methodology across the discipline.

    Your Choice of Primary Vs. Secondary or Mixed data collection

    Choice of data collection depends on the research design (quantitative or qualitative design). Ph.D. assistance helps in survey tool validation and online and face to face data collection process. We help you to conduct surveys [in person Interviews: Formal to informal; structured to unstructured; focus group discussion, observations, self-administered questionnaire, diaries, citizen report cards, Delphi techniques, expert judgment, online surveys, secondary sources such as journals, newspaper articles, annual reports, government sources such as census, budgets, policies, procedures, etc.

    What do You expect when your order for Ph.D. Thesis / Dissertation Assistance Service?

    You can collaborate with researchers, linguistic editing, writing all chapters by translating your research idea, plagiarism correction, specific chapter (e.g. research methodology alone), mentoring support and much more.

    Our Guarantees

    Get some of our Ph.D. Thesis or Dissertation Writing Service features at Free of Costs.

    We Share references sourced for your dissertation in the form of PDFs, questionnaire or interview guide and primary research output without data at free of costs

    Features at Free of Costs

    Build Questionnaire or Interview at a Free of costs

    n Ph.D., questionnaire development is an important step based on that we achieve our accurate study outcome. At Ph.D. Assistance, we assist you in the questionnaire development, reliability, and validation process. Our brilliant researchers have an incredible experience in building questionnaire using scales, interview guide questions, potential group discussion, structured and unstructured questionnaire, open and closed format and so on. We have Exceptionally brilliant expertise exclusively for questionnaire development and research framework. We help you in the process of interview guide development or setting up the questionnaire at free costs while ordering for Ph.D. dissertation full*.

    Get your Primary Research Completed at an additional cost

    We help you to collect data for your primary research. As you aware that primary research gathers collect information directly for your purpose than collecting from already published sources. We help you to conduct primary research including surveys, direct observations, interview and focus group discussion. The advantage of primary research is to control over the type of question you ask and information gather, therefore, the method is extremely valuable to the study. Yet, they’re also time-consuming and expensive. At Ph.D. Assistance, we help you to collect primary research for your Ph.D. research.

    Appendices or additional work at Free of Costs

    Most the scholars assume that an appendix is information that is NOT ESSENTIAL to the Ph.D. research and often been ignored. However, it plays a vital role to support your analysis and validate your conclusion. We provide you appendices to support evidence (e.g. raw data that is referred to in the text), contributing facts, specialized data, sample calculation, technical figures, graphs, tables statistics, detailed description of research instruments, maps, charts, photographs, drawings, letters, copies of emails, questionnaire/surveys, transcript of interviews, or example of specific of full results of questionnaire, large tables of data, specification or data sheets, and others.

    Our Ph.D. Research writing, rewriting, mentoring Help

    We are committed to providing value for your money and time you invest with us

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    Top quality tailor-made Ph.D. Dissertation Research writers with adequate experience

    Rely on our unique and affordable Ph.D. Dissertation writing services

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