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Ph.D. Statistics – From the Top Class Universities across the Globe

Ph.D. Experts have many years of experience in mathematical statistics and economic statistics with profound knowledge of their disciplines. Our team has years of experience
working with students of world-class Universities and handled wide types of data including time series, cross section data, panel data, dummy variable data. Our in-depth
knowledge of the research subject, meticulous planning, organizing and presentation Skills, 100% client commitment has always been handy in completing all
our student’s research projects well ahead of the deadline.

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About us

Econometrics for Your Ph.D. Research

Econometrics is a discipline based on the development of probabilistic models and statistical inference methods for the study of economic relations. The relationship depicts the random behavior of economic relationship which not considered in the mathematical and economical formulation.

Q = f(P, Ps, Yd) (1.1)

Basically, it deals with evaluating economic theories and models and investigating their validity. It consists of elements from a wide range of disciplines including mathematics, economics, and statistics. While, main aim of econometrics is to develop models to analyses relationship between variables with due regard to (a) the multi-causal nature of most economic variables – non-experimental and b) measurement errors.


Statistics at Ph.D. Assistance

At Ph.D. Assistance, we help you to formulate and specify economic models (e.g. functional form, the specification of stochastic structure), followed by estimation and testing of models, and finally use models for forecasting and policy formulation. Further our team of expertise have the knowledge to handle both theoretical and applied econometrics (e.g. demand, supply, production, investment, corruption).

Ph.D. Econometrics Models – Across the Discipline

Ph.D. Assistance assists for the econometric methods across the discipline including engineering sciences, biological sciences, medical sciences, geosciences, agricultural sciences. In simple words, if there is a need of finding any stochastic relationship in the econometric methods, in mathematical format and we apply econometric tools. Has expertise in handling SPSS software, AMOS, LISTERS, SAS, MATLAB, R, SYSTAT, EpiInfo and other software. We also conduct courses for handling SPSS along with the interpretation writing of your statistical analysis output. This training course is designed by professionals and course will be conducted at our center or through video conferencing facility.

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What are the services do we offer under Ph.D. Econometrics Statistics


Only Statistical Analysis based on the raw data shared. We analyze the data using appropriate statistical tools and just paste the output


In addition to the above, we write the basic interpretation without any discussion against the literature review


We analyze the given data using appropriate statistical tools and format the tables per the manuscript style with logical sense. We write the interpretation of the statistics conducted along with the discussion by comparing the previous studies conducted as presented in your Chapter II (Literature Review).


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We offer brief conceptualization abstract writing
services for management, life Science, arts,
social science and health, biological
and medical sciences and much more

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An experienced, trustworthy and multitasking writing service organization. We focus our extreme efforts on best results, knowledge improvement and rapid educational progress of students with the help of our best quality services. W ensure that our work process is simple and straightforward therefore do not have to worry about workflow as well as we keep your information 100% confidential.

Our Process



Econometric Modeling Features at Ph.D. Assistance


At Ph.D. Assistance, the following are performed while you order for econometric models


  • Theoretical foundation that we apply
  • Micro-econometric and macro-econometric
  • Behavioral modeling
  • Statistical foundation- econometric methods
  • Mathematical elements – the usual model building

We follow the following traditional econometric methodology

  • Statement of theory or hypothesis.
  • Specification of the mathematical model based on the theory
  • Specification of the statistical, or econometric, model
  • Collecting the data
  • Estimation of the parameters
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Forecasting or prediction
  • Model application for control or policy purposes.

Problems handled

  • Aggregation over individuals
  • Aggregation over commodities
  • Aggregation over time periods
  • Spatial aggregation

Types of data

  • Time series data
  • Cross section data
  • Panel data
  • Dummy variable data

Econometric models

  • Multiple regression with stochastic regression
  • Linear models and regression analysis
  • Time series
  • Panel analysis

Data compiling and recoding:

Creating data entry format in excel, followed by exporting data into SPSS or any software, labeling, checking for normality, missing data, data entry errors, outliers checking using appropriate analysis.

Statistical Data analysis help:

Although there are several ways of analyzing data, usual format starts with descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, range, standard error of mean, confidence interval) of the socio-demographic variables (age, sex, occupation, income, marital status etc.) and followed by reliability of the composite scores. Further the data analysis is focused on hypothesis testing using appropriate statistical tools

Interpretation of statistical output:

Out-provided in any software will be exhaustive, and it is not necessary to interpret all the numbers. At Ph.D. Assistance, we interpret the data that are relevant to the thesis and make sure you completely understand the output. If not, we are here to provide the statistical help that you are looking for.

Presentation of Tables and Figures:

At Ph.D. Assistance, the presentation of statistical output for the Ph.D. thesis data analysis follows the journal format and apply appropriate interpretation not only based on numbers (quantitative expression) but also qualitatively including commenting your research methodology strength and Limitations. In that way, Ph.D. Assistance provides a complete support in statistics part of your research work. [For example sample size, study design, response rate, questionnaire reliability, and validity, etc.]. We not only help you in the statistical data analysis but also involved in tutoring of statistical analysis part, which brings you more confidence to defend your thesis / dissertation.

We ensure to check the following before dispatching the project

  • Data analysis procedures are sufficiently described and are sufficiently detailed to permit the study to be replicated.
  • Data analysis procedures conform to the research design; hypotheses, models, or theory drives the data analyses.
  • The assumptions underlying the use of statistics are fulfilled by the data, such as measurement properties of the data and normality of distributions.
  • Statistical tests are appropriate (optimal).
  • If statistical analysis involves multiple tests or comparisons proper adjustment of significance level for chance outcomes was applied.
  • Power issues are considered in statistical studies with small sample sizes.
  • In qualitative research that relies on words instead of numbers, basic requirements of data reliability, validity, trustworthiness, and absence of bias were fulfilled.

Reporting of Statistical Analyses

  • The assumptions underlying the use of statistics are considered, given the data collected.
  • The statistics are reported correctly and appropriately.
  • The number of analyses is appropriate.
  • Measures of functional significance, such as effect size or proportion of variance accounted for, accompany hypothesis-testing analyses.

Presentation of Results

  • Results are organized in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Results are presented effectively; the results are contextualized.
  • The results are complete.
  • The amount of data presented is sufficient and appropriate.
  • Tables, graphs, or figures are used judiciously and agree with the text.

Statistical Test handled by Ph.D. Assistance

Ph.D. Assistance has established a well-designed process and fixed timeline to complete the allocated task. We handle all types of statistics across the software and some of the
statistics we apply are T-test, Paired t-test, Chi-square test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA Repeated Measures ANOVA, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis,
Power Analysis, Linear Regression, multiple regression, Logistic Regression, Correlation (Pearson, spearman, chi-square, point-biserial & biserial correlation,
box-cox, canonical, Cronbach’s alpha, bland-Altman, Lin’s concordance, circular data correlation), Mann-Whitney test, GLM, Survival analysis, Kruskal-Wallis test,
Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks test, McNemar’s Test, Friedman’s Test, ROC, GARCH, Diagnostics test (e.g. binary, cutoff analysis), distribution fitting (e.g. Grubb’s outlier test,
Gamma distribution fitting, uniform probability, probability plot comparison), forecasting (ARIMA, Box-Jenkins, Harmonic regression, exponential smoothing,
spectral analysis, autocorrelation), item analysis, meta-analysis (of means, proportions, correlated proportions, hazard ratios), HLM, mixed models, multivariate analysis
(e.g. discriminate, log-linear modeling), non-detect data analysis, quality control, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), path analysis.

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