Tips to Develop a Methodology and Results Section for Empirical Research

Tips to Develop a Methodology and Results Section for Empirical Research


Empirical research involves testing a hypothesis with the help of experimentation, observation and experience. The observation can be direct or indirect.

Empirical research is dependent on not only observed but also measured phenomena. It gets knowledge from actual experience in contrary to theory or belief.

Now you would be faced with the question of determining whether a study is empirical. You have to read the subheadings within the paper and search for a presentation of the research methodology. You have to question yourself whether you can re-build this study and test these results. Manuscript writing services can assist you in an excellent manuscript development as per your requirement.

Here are some points to keep in mind while writing a methodology and results section for empirical research:

  • For the purpose of empirical research, the methodology and results section should consist of your most specific statements. You have to conclude your methodology section with an outline of your process and its underlying purpose.
  • You must remember that opinions and paraphrased statements, though they support your claim, are not evidence unless followed by empirical results.
  • You have to state observations that were ignored during data collection in the procedures section, but talk about observations ignored at the time of data analysis in the results section.

The type of research relies on the purpose of your Ph. D study. It is suggested to reach research methodology expertise, PhD Assistance, for more insight.

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